Our Services

Star Developments started out as a small building developer in 2010 concentrating mainly on one-off extensions and renovation projects. Over the last decade we have grown rapidly to become a multi-purpose builder and developer with a 14-strong team of full-time builders, carpenters, masons and decorators, and an even bigger portfolio of specialist building contractors and tradesmen. Below are some of the services that we offer;

Star Developments

Star Developments offers its clients a fully project managed building service – that means we concentrate on getting the big things right from day one as well as paying careful attention to detail every single day right through to conclusion.

Our aim is to make our clients’ vision a reality. Every member of our proudly local team believes that getting the smallest aspects of a job and the finishing touches right is what makes a truly first-class builder. Think of us as a one-stop shop for all your building needs in Cirencester, Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds.

In terms of major renovations, our team of highly experienced project managers and builders can handle any development from start to finish, including groundworks, building, masonry, and painting and decorating.

We handle small jobs for individual customers and major ongoing works for larger Cotswolds clients like Bathurst Estate and the Ernest Cook Trust, and that means anything from barn conversions to house renovations.

At Star Developments we also pride ourselves on finalizing projects on time and within budget. The positive feedback we receive from clients and our local reputation for professionalism is testament to the hard work of all our extended team of project managers, local builders and craftsmen.

What Star Developments do
Property Development / Renovations / Building Extensions / Conversions / Domestic & Commercial / Town & Country

Star Carpentry

The Star Carpentry team has more than 40 years of combined experience in restoration of historical buildings in Cirencester and the Cotswolds as well as extensive training and knowledge of modern carpentry techniques. Our goal is to restore and replicate the amazing and intricate carpentry and joinery work of skilled craftsmen from previous eras.

Our joiners work with our customers to understand their vision, from the most thorough renovation to the smallest repair job. We delight in offering all our customers, regardless of the size of the project, knowledgeable advice and service. We believe, that regardless of budget, everyone should be able to access true craftmanship and be able to maintain the character of their homes.

We are passionate about keeping the character and charm of historic Cotswolds homes alive. The use of real wood, instead of imitation products is a more natural and sustainable option, as well as creating a healthier living environment. We believe that the greenest house is one already built, and that sympathetic restoration is the most environmentally friendly way of maintaining homes.

We also pride ourselves on injecting character into modern homes and creating focal points that are designed to enhance the home’s atmosphere.

Star Decorating

The Star Decorating team handle a wide range of painting and decorating briefs, always focused on delivering a final job that puts the perfect finishing touch to a building or renovation job.

Our professional painters and decorators will have decorated hundreds of homes before they arrive at your door. So, they will know a thing or two about colour, finishes and what will work well where. If you have a colour scheme in mind, then our professionals should be able to tell you what will look good in your home and what might not work so well. Even if you want to buy materials yourself, our decorators will be able to advise on which paints to buy in which finishes, as well as where to get your wallpaper for a good price.

One day we might be treating and painting a wall that has stains from a bathroom leak, the next day we can be applying rolls of luxury wallpaper to a study or finishing off the decoration of a 3-storey family home.

Like all Star services, our decorating team work on jobs for local families and are also contracted by large estates throughout the Cotswolds, in the latter case we have just finished the renovation of No 3 Park Street, Fairford for the Ernest Cook Estate.

Star Masonry

If the wool trade was largely responsible for the prosperity of the Cotswolds, its character is a result of an abundance of stone.

The colour of the stone varies according to where it was quarried. In much of the northern part of the Cotswolds the stone is a rich honey colour, which, as you go south towards Bath, becomes creamier and greyer. The effect, particularly in the north, is mesmerising. To pass through these villages on a sunny day is to enter a world that seems to have been fabricated for a fairy tale. As a result, the Cotswolds have more protected or ‘listed’ buildings than any other region in the country.

Working on such an array of historic buildings is a real motivation for Star’s Masonry team, who are experts in all areas of their trade, from brickwork and blockwork to repointing and lime pointing.

Star Design & Estimating Services

Whatever you need to build, Star Development's can provide a detailed and accurate budget estimating and cost planning service on your project so that you are better informed at the initial stages of a project.

Our service extends to main building contractors, architects, self builders, quantity surveyors and all trades people that are looking for a professional design or estimating service.

Our clients will receive an extensive package of information that will see you right through from conception to completion and includes scaled drawings, building regulations submissions, cost by phase, cost by resource and a building phase gant chart to name but a few.

We have everything you need to produce fast, effective construction estimates. Our key objective is to ensure you get a document which gives you an accurate indication of the build costs and the relevant information to manage your project within budget and on time.